Towards a safer and more stable financial system

Speaker: Stefan Ingves (Governor of the Riksbank and Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)

Masterclass series: risk management issues in central counterparty clearing

Tutors: Priyanka Malhotra (Bank of England) and Pedro Gurrola (Bank of England).

Looking Backward to Posterity: the statistics of crisis

Organisers: Kyle Moore (SRC, LSE) and Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE)

Frontiers of Systemic Risk Modelling and Forecasting

Organisers: Kyle Moore (SRC, LSE) and Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE)

Managing and financing European bank resolution

Speakers: Simon Gleeson, Charles Goodhart, Sean Hagan, Thomas Huertas, Charles Randall and Dirk Schoenmaker

Intermediated securities and investor rights

Organiser: Eva Micheler (LSE, Department of Law)

Towards a sustainable financial system

Keynote speakers: Haruhiko Kuroda (Governor of the Bank of Japan) and Richard Fisher (President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Political economy of systemic risk

Organisers: Bob Hancké (LSE), Jeff Chwieroth (LSE) and Jon Danielsson (LSE)

The next crisis

Speakers: Julia Black (Department of Law, LSE), Charles Goodhart (SRC and FMG, LSE), Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE)

Frontiers of Research in Systemic Risk Forecasting

Organisers: Jon Danielsson and Kyle Moore

Models and Crises: Do Financial Models Affect the Incidence and Severity of Financial Crises?

Speakers: Jon Danielsson (LSE), Robert Macrae (Arcus Investment), Jonathan Martin (Markham Rae), Mark Salmon (Cambridge), Wolf Wagner (Tilburg)

Money for Nothing - Film Show

A special screening of the exciting new documentary that takes audiences inside the world’s most powerful financial institution.

Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in Reforming Bank Culture

Organisers: Daniel Beunza (LSE), Nina Andreeva (University of Cambridge) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC, LSE)

Masterclass series: Prediction and investment strategies in markets prone to crashes and bubbles

Tutor: William T Ziemba, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Masterclass series: Strategic network formation and the emergence of equilibrium network dynamics

Tutor: Frank Page, Professor of Economics at the University of Indiana

The Global Reform of Financial Regulation and Architecture: How to Balance Safety and Efficiency

Organisers: Ron Anderson, Malcolm Knight and Jean-Pierre Zigrand