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Events and Seminars

May 2nd 2019

Time: 18.30 - 20.00    Venue: LSE
Speaker: Katrín Jakobsdóttir (Prime Minister of Iceland)
Chair: Minouche Shafik (Director of LSE)

May 2nd 2019

Time: 18.30 - 20.00    Venue: LSE
Speaker: Agustín Carstens (General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements)
Chair: Andres Velasco (Dean, School of Public Policy, LSE)

May 16th 2019

Time: All day Venue: LSE
Speakers: Tomaso Aste (UCL), Iris Chiu (UCL), Jon Danielsson (LSE), Anna Donovan (UCL), David Fox (University of Edinburgh), Daniel Gozman (University of Sydney Business School), Jonathan Liebenau (LSE), Robert Macrae (LSE), Eva Micheler (LSE), Andrew Murray (LSE), Philipp Paech (LSE), Francisco Rivadeneyra (Bank of Canada), Matteo Solinas (Victoria University of Wellington), Priscilla Toffano (IMF), Andreas Uthemann (LSE), Kathy Yuan (LSE), Dirk Zetzsche (University of Luxembourg)


April 3rd 2019

Martin Oehmke has been appointed as a member of the European Systemic Risk Board Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC) in March 2019

November 21st 2018

Applications are invited for up to two Research Officers (Postdocs) to start in 2019,

July 17th 2018

In July, the SRC welcomed three Westminster School students for a one-week work placement. The students worked on a research project to discover what economical elements have an effect on the prices of rare books.

May 31st 2018

SRC Director Jon Danielsson appears in VoxEU's latest feature Blogs&Reviews and Vox Talk on cyptocurrencies.

February 6th 2018

SRC is one of the three leading research centres at LSE awarded transition funding by ESRC.