The fundamental origin of systemic risk is endogenous risk, the source of the feedback loops that cause extreme outcomes
Mechanisms inherent in the financial system amplify or accelerate the impact of systemic risk
Policies, laws and regulations may control or create systemic risks
Empirical techniques are needed to identify the build-up of systemic risk



November 28th 2014

Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm   Venue: LSE
Iman van Lelyveld
Seminar title: Early-warning signals of topological collapse in interbank networks

December 1st 2014

Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm   Venue: LSE
Philip H. Dybvig
Seminar title: Tobin's q Does Not Measure Firm Performance: Theory, Empirics, and Alternatives

December 2nd 2014

Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm   Venue: LSE
Albert S. (Pete) Kyle
Seminar title: Smooth Trading with Overconfidence and Market Power

December 8th 2014

Time: 12.00 - 1.30pm   Venue: LSE
Speaker: Brian Pinto

Seminar title: How Does My Country Grow? Economic Advice Through Story-telling

January 30th 2015

Time: 9.00am - 4:00pm   Venue: LSE
Tutors: Priyanka Malhotra (Bank of England) and Pedro Gurrola (Bank of England).

February 3rd 2015

Time: 6.30pm       Venue: LSE
Speaker: Prof Ian Goldin (Director, Oxford Martin School)

March 12th 2015

Time: 6.30pm       Venue: LSE
Speaker: Prof Julia Black (Pro-Director for Research, LSE and SRC), Dr Jon Danielsson (Director, SRC), Charles Goodhart (FMG/ SRC, LSE) and Prof Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School)
Organiser: Dr Eva Micheler (Department of Law/ SRC, LSE)


November 14th 2014

Jon Danielsson is the latest LSE academic to come under fire in a Gearty Grilling; a series of short video debates from LSE's Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).

October 6th 2014

José A. Scheinkman will visit the SRC from 13th October.

October 3rd 2014

Congratulations to the four PhD students in receipt of our studentships in 2014/15.

September 30th 2014

On Tuesday 30th September David Miles, member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, delivered a LSE public lecture.

September 23rd 2014

We said goodbye and good luck to our research assistants this summer.