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Events and Seminars

December 8th 2016

Venue: Bank of England
Organisers: Ron Anderson (LSE), Paul Nahai-Williamson (Bank of England) and Amar Radia (Bank of England).

December 9th 2016

Time: All day    Venue: LSE
SpeakersSanjeev Goyal (Cambridge University), Patrick Konermann (BI Norwegian Business School), Artem Neklyudov (University of Lausanne), Tan Wang (Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance), Michael Weber (Chicago Booth) and Andrew Wu (Michigan Ross) 
Organisers: Christian Julliard (SRC, FMG, LSE), Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi (Columbia) and Kathy Yuan (SRC, FMG, LSE)


November 23rd 2016

‘The Man Who Knew’ — ‘exceptional’ biography of Alan Greenspan, wins £30,000 prize

November 10th 2016

Ron Anderson, Co-investigator of SRC, to co-lead a new project on Building debt capital markets in China

July 28th 2016

Jon Danielsson discusses the options available to the UK regarding passporting after Brexit.

May 18th 2016

SRC invites expressions of interest from postdoctoral researchers to apply to the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship scheme.

May 18th 2016

Jo Braithwaite publishes new BoE Financial Stability paper on CCP default management with David Murphy.