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Dr Axel A. Weber, Chairman of UBS, discussed ‘The Interplay of Markets and Politics’ on 6th September
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December 4th 2017

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm Venue: LSE
Speaker: Emmanouil Karimalis (Bank of England)
Seminar Title: Multi yield curve stress-testing framework incorporating temporal and cross tenor structural dependencies

January 15th 2018

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm Venue: LSE
Speaker: H. Peyton Young (LSE and University of Oxford)
Seminar Title: Modelling Contagion in Financial Networks: The Credit Default Swaps Market

February 26th 2018

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm Venue: LSE
Speaker: Jorge Cruz Lopez (Bank of Canada)
Seminar Title: TBC


October 16th 2017

Latest article and podcast by Jeff Chwieroth and Andrew Walter

September 6th 2017

Nearly 300 people attended the first LSE Public Lecture of the new academic year on Wednesday 6th September given by Axel A. Weber (Chairman of the Board of Directors, UBS Group AG).

May 9th 2017

Jon Danielsson, co-Director of SRC, gives a keynote speech at the Macroprudential Policy Conference in Vilnius on 11th May.

March 29th 2017

Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand has been appointed UK principal investigator of a world-first global project to analyse high frequency financial data.

December 15th 2016

The IMF and SRC jointly organise the Symposium: Macroprudential Stress Test and Policies: A Framework in Washington D.C. on December 15-16, 2016.