Time: 08:45 to 18:30
Venue: Conference Suite, 9th floor, Pankhurst House, London School of Economics (Map)

Organisers: Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE Finance), Eva Micheler (SRC, LSE Law)

Speakers: Tomaso Aste (UCL), Iris Chiu (UCL), Jon Danielsson (LSE), Anna Donovan (UCL), David Fox (University of Edinburgh), Jonathan Liebenau (LSE), Eva Micheler (LSE), Andrew Murray (LSE), Philipp Paech (LSE), Francisco Rivadeneyra (Bank of Canada), Matteo Solinas (Victoria University of Wellington), Priscilla Toffano (IMF), Dirk Zetzsche (University of Luxembourg)

Materials available: reportprogramme, flyer, photos.

The conference explores the use of technology in financial markets from the perspectives of finance, law and regulation. The event covers payment systems, cryptocurrencies and property law, digital tokens, sustainable finance, regulatory technology and the use of artificial intelligence for financial regulation.

Central bank digital currencies and payment systems

Accounts, tokens and e-money: Francisco Rivadeneyra (Bank of Canada) - slides
Settling cross-border payments between Israel and the West Bank over a distributed ledger system: Priscilla Toffano (IMF) and Kathy Yuan (LSE) - slides

Currencies and property law

Cryptocurrencies in the common law of property: David Fox (University of Edinburgh)
Cryptocurrencies and intermediation: Matteo Solinas (Victoria University of Wellington) - prezi link

Regulation and financial innovation (part 1)

Regulatory obstacles to financial innovation – the view from the EU: Philipp Paech (LSE)
Regulating tokens – opportunities and risks: Iris Chiu (UCL) - slides

Regulation and financial innovation (part 2)

Smart contracts: risks, rewards and regulation: Anna Donovan (UCL)
FinTech, financial inclusion and sustainable finance: Dirk Zetzsche (University of Luxembourg) - slides

Regulatory technology

Technology for regulation – gazing into the crystal ball: Tomaso Aste (UCL) - slides
Experiments in regulatory technologies: Jonathan Liebenau (LSE) and Daniel Gozman (University of Sydney Business School)
Regulatory technology – replacing law with computer code: Eva Micheler (LSE) - slides

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and the law: Andrew Murray (LSE) - slides
Artificial intelligence, financial risk management and systemic risk: Jon Danielsson, Robert Macrae, Andreas Uthemann (LSE) - slides

The conference was supported by the BARAC (Blockchain Technology for Algorithmic Regulation And Compliance) project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) [Grant number EP/P031730/1].