Chinese Debt Capital Markets - An Emerging Global Market with Chinese Characteristics

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With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, and the sustained development of the Chinese economy, the Chinese bond market has become an important player in the global bond market. As at the end of 2022, the custodial balance of the Chinese bond market reached RMB14.48 trillion, ranking second in the world and the largest bond market in Asia. As a maturing emerging market in the world, the Chinese bond market not only follows the general rules of global bond markets, but also has some of its own characteristics. To make effective investments and financing in this market, a comprehensive and profound understanding of the market is required.

This book is the result of a joint research project "Function, Structure, and Development of China's Debt Capital Market," supported by the China National Natural Science Foundation and the Economic and Social Research Council of the United Kingdom. It includes contributions by professors, associate professors, and postgraduates from Fudan University and the London School of Economics. From the perspectives of institutional framework, market functions, market structure, and market development, the book provides a systematic and in-depth analysis and exploration of the macro-effects, microstructure, local government bond market, corporate bond market, debt derivatives market, and market supervision and regulation of the Chinese credit bond market. It is an important reference for international investors and researchers to gain a deep understanding of the evolution of the fundamental institutional framework, structure, and functions of the Chinese credit bond market.

Published by: World Scientific
ISBN: 978-981-12-8035-1 (hardcover); 978-981-12-8037-5 (e-book)
doi: 10.1142/13517

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