The Real Effect of Financial Networks

Co-Pierre Georg

Politicians, banks, and sovereign debt: Unholy trinity or divine coincidence?

Alexander Popov

Diagnostic Expectations and Credit Cycles

Nicola Gennaioli

Inconspicuousness and obfuscation: How large shareholders dynamically manipulate output and information for trading purposes

Bart Taub

Manual vs. High Frequency Traders in the Interbank FX Market, Role of Tick Size

Soheil Mahmoodzadeh

Liquidity, Government Bonds and Sovereign Debt Crises

Francesco Molteni

Securities Lending as Wholesale Funding: Evidence from the U.S. Life Insurance Industry

Nathan Foley-Fisher

Leverage Dynamics, Agency Cost of Debt, and Capital Regulation

Anat Admati

The Political Economy of Bank Bail-Outs

Rainer Haselmann

The invisible hand of the government: Moral suasion during the sovereign debt crisis 

Neeltje van Horen

Foreign Exchange Markets with Last Look

Álvaro Cartea

Network Uncertainty and Interbank Markets

Matthew Pritsker

The Great Financial Plumbing

Karel Lannoo

Model Risk Cultures

Andreas Tsanakas

When Do Laws and Institutions Affect Recovery Rates on Collateral?

Hans Degryse

Markups, Productivity and the Financial Capability of Firms

Carlo Altomonte