Time: 9.00am - 7.00pm followed by a reception
Venue: LSE campus, venue details will be confirmed to ticket holders
Organising Committee: Ulf Dahlsten (Lead Organiser, CPNSS), Jon Danielsson (SRC), Roman Frigg (CPNSS) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC)
Keynote speakers: Haruhiko Kuroda (Governor of the Bank of Japan) and Richard Fisher (President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

Other speakers will include: Riccardo Barbieri Hermitte (Mizuho International), Jon Danielsson (LSE), Ulf Dahlsten (Research Associate, LSE),  Luca Fantacci (Bocconi University), Lars Jonung (University of Lund), Sheri Markose (University of Essex), Bao Mingyou (Deputy Director General, the People's Bank of China), Adair Turner (Institute for New Economic Thinking), Alan Wheatley (Editor, the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum), Yongding Yu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Jean-Pierre Zigrand (LSE).

Have we done enough to avoid a new severe financial crisis? There are fundamental issues surrounding money creation, increased private debts and underestimated endogenous risks. Can the financial system operate in a way that better supports the real economy and encourages sustained growth? Are we missing essential institutions in Europe and globally? This conference aims at creating dialogue between practitioners and academics on these issues, and raising awareness of the remaining problems.

The event programme is available to view here.

The support of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is gratefully received [grant number ES/K002309/1].

Full Report

Below you can download available materials from our event on the 21st March. Photographs from the day are available to view here.

The event booklet can be viewed here.

Session 1: Creating money- for what purpose?
Keynote speaker: Lord Turner (Institute for New Economic Thinking).
Chair: Dr Malcolm Knight (Visiting Professor, LSE)
Discussants: Prof Yu Yongding (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and Prof Charles Goodhart (LSE).
Audio and video podcast

Session 2: A roadmap to recovery, sustained growth and a stable global financial system
Panellists: Prof Luca Fantacci (Bocconi University), Dr Ulf Dahlsten (LSE) and Riccardo Barbieri (Mizuho International).
Chair: Prof Paul de Grauwe (LSE)
Audio and video podcast

Break-out session A: Will the RMB become the new reserve currency?
Speakers: Alan Wheatley (Editor, the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) and Prof Yu Yongding (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).
Chair: Ron Anderson (LSE)
Audio and video podcast

Break-out session B: Panel debate: Are we heading towards a new financial crisis?
Panellists: Prof Jon Danielsson (LSE), Prof Charles Goodhart (LSE) and Prof Lars Jonung (University of Lund)
Chair: Dr Malcolm Knight (Visiting Professor, LSE)
Audio and video podcast

Break-out session C: Why we need new models of the economy
Speaker: Prof Sheri Markose (University of Essex) (slides part 1 and part 2)
Chair: Prof Jean-Pierre Zigrand (LSE)
Discussants: Eric Beinhocker (The Oxford Instiute for New Economic Thinking) and Harald Stieber (European Commission)
Audio and video podcast

Session 4: Towards a more balanced growth model: the case of Japan
Keynote speaker: Governor Haruhiko Kuroda (Bank of Japan)
Chair: Prof Stuart Corbridge (Deputy Director and Provost, LSE)
Discussant: Jon Danielsson (LSE)
Audio and video podcast

Session 5: A conversation on US monetary policy: Forward Guidance- Fad or the Future of Monetary Policy?
Keynote speaker: President Richard Fisher (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
Chair: Prof Ron Anderson (LSE)
Discussant: Prof Jean-Pierre Zigrand (LSE)
Audio and video podcast