Time: 18.30 - 20.00    
Venue: CLM.3.02, Clement House, LSE (map)
Speaker: Selin Sayek Böke (Member of Turkish Parliament)
Chair: Sergei Guriev (Chief Economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development & Professor of Economics at Sciences Po)
Organisers: Cevat Giray Aksoy (EBRD, LSE & IZA), Davide Luca (University of Cambridge, LSE & GSSI) and Orkun Saka (LSE & SRC)

The currency turmoil that hit the Turkish lira in 2018 seems to have confirmed the difficult economic conditions ahead for the country. In addition to domestic worries, recent volatility in the world’s financial markets poses new challenges to country’s fragile capital flows. How will Turkish economy survive in the midst of rising global interest rates and political uncertainty at home? What are the necessary structural reforms to put the country back on a sustainable growth path in the long-run? What should be the European Union’s position towards Turkey? Is Turkey on the road to an IMF bailout? Selin Sayek Böke and Sergei Guriev will discuss these and other issues related to Turkey’s economy in light of recent events.

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