Time: 10.00am - 5.20pm
Venue: LSE
Organisers: Charles Goodhart (FMG/SRC, LSE), Oliver Linton (University of Cambridge) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC/FMG, LSE)

Photographs from this event are available to view here.

A conference to discuss the Foresight Report
Conference Programme (pdf)

Click here to view The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, Foresight Report.|

Session 1: The impact of computer based trading on market quality
Speaker: Oliver Linton slides| (pdf)
Discussant: Carole Gresse slides| (pdf)

Session 2: The impact of computer based trading on systemic risk
Speaker: Jean-Pierre Zigrand slides| (pdf)
Discussants: Hans Degryse slides| (pdf) and Doyne Farmer slides| (pdf)

Session 3: Mitigants to the possible risks and costs arising with computer based trading
Speakers: Oliver Linton, Philip Bond and Jean-Pierre Zigrand, slides| (pdf)
Discussant: Charles-Albert Lehalle

Session 4: The role of standardisation in computer based  markets
Speaker: Kevin Houstoun slides| (pdf)
Discussant: Alistair Milne slides| and notes| (both pdf)

Session 5: Open session on the contributions of the report
Speaker: Andrei Kirilenko
Panel: Hans Degryse slides| (pdf) and Babis Theodoulidis slides| (pdf)