Venue: London School of Economics and Political Science
Organisers: Katja Neugebauer (Systemic Risk Centre), Drew Purves (Microsoft Research), Matthew Smith (Microsoft Research) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (Systemic Risk Centre)

Programme: The full programme is available to view here.

The two sciences of interactions – economics and ecology – don’t interact enough. How many useful ideas must there be in ecology that have yet to be applied in economics, and vice versa? How much more could we discover about the human and social systems, or natural systems, by combining insights from these two subjects? It is crucial that these two fields work together to address the most pressing global challenges facing humanity.

If the above intrigues then come along to our symposium Eco**2: exploring the fundamental links between ecology and economics, which we’ll be running in collaboration with the British Ecological Society (BES) in London this September. It’s your chance to help create the new science that emerges when ecology and economics collide. Everything about the symposium is designed to foster as much interaction as possible between these two fascinating sciences and attendees will be an equal mix of ecologists and economists. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to submit questions and ideas for discussion at the symposium, and these can be conceptual, technical, or applied in nature, so long as they will spark a fruitful discussion between economists and ecologists.

A specific aim of Eco**2 is to examine the fundamental, conceptual links between these two sciences. These links are much deeper than most ecologists or economists appreciate, and they must be explored if we are to apply these two sciences properly to address pressing global issues.



Full Report

A write-up of the event by Lindsay Turnbull here. Photographs from the event can be seen here.

Keynote 1: Lord Robert May - "Stability and Complexity in Financial Ecosystems" slides avaliable here.
Keynote 2: Doyne Farmer - "A theoretical framework for market ecology in finance" no slides avaliable for this talk
Videos of the keynote sessions given by Lord Robert May and Professor Doyne Farmer can be viewed here.

Plenary 1:
Mike Begon - "The Fundamentals of Ecology" slides avaliable here
Partha Dasgupta - "A very Short Introduction to Economics" no slides are avaliable for this talk

Plenary 2: T
Thomas Lux - "The Dynamics of the Interbank Market:Statistical Stylized Facts and Agent-Based Models" slides avaliable here.
Michel Loreau - "Can ecology and economics marry? A theoretical ecologist’s standpoint" slides avaliable here.

Plenary 3:
Kathy Willis - no slides avaliable for this talk
Thorsten Hens - "The Ecology of Financial Markets" slides avaliable here.