Dr. Juanita González-Uribe, Associate Professor in Finance and FMG Co-Director for Financing the Real Economy, has initiated an exciting series of fireside chats with some of entrepreneurial finance's most in-demand names.

The series focuses on the role of finance in the entrepreneurial journey and aims to improve our understanding of the role of early-stage financiers in the start-up and scale-up of new ventures. Discussions touch on research topics such as the types of constraints that limit the start and growth of new companies, and the role of specialized financiers, as well as policy, in mitigating them.

Below are highlights videos from the series. Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to the individual events.

Image of Assistant Professor Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe

Eze Vidra (Remagine Ventures)
13th February 2023
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Sebastian Mallaby (Council on Foreign Relations)
27th February 2023
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David Gilgur & Lyubov Guk
6th March 2023
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Veronika Kapustina 
27th March 2023
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