Time: Day 1: 13.50 - 19.00, Day 2: 14.00 - 19:10 BST (GMT+1)
Organisers: Thorsten Beck (City Business School, CEPR & CESifo), Orkun Saka (University of Sussex, LSE & SRC) and Paolo Volpin (City Business School, CEPR & ECGI)

City Business School and the Systemic Risk Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will jointly organize a workshop on the theme of political finance. The workshop will provide a platform for researchers and policymakers to discuss new research and to identify areas where further academic and policy-oriented work is needed. 

The workshop features a keynote speech by Professor Sir Timothy Besley(LSE).

Materials available: blogprogramme.

Video Day 1

Video Day 2

Scientific Committee:
Anat Admati (Stanford University)
Thorsten Beck (City Business School, CEPR & CESifo)
Jeffrey Chwieroth (LSE & SRC)
Shawn Cole (Harvard University & NBER)
Jon Danielsson (LSE & SRC)
Ralph De Haas (EBRD, CEPR & Tilburg University)
Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley, CEPR & NBER)
Paola Giuliano (UCLA, CEPR, IZA & NBER)
Sergei Guriev (Sciences Po & CEPR)
Orkun Saka (University of Sussex, LSE & SRC)
Vikrant Vig (London Business School)
Paolo Volpin (City Business School, CEPR & ECGI)
Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago, CEPR, ECGI & NBER)