Does the Bond-Stock Earning Yield Differential Model Predict Equity Market Corrections Better Than High P/E Models?

Sebastien Lleo and Bill Ziemba

In this paper, we extend the literature on crash prediction models in three main respects. First, we relate explicitly crash prediction measures and asset pricing models. Second, we present a simple, effective statistical significance test for crash prediction models. Finally, we propose a definition and a measure of robustness for crash prediction models. We apply the statistical test and measure the robustness of selected model specifications of the Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio and Bond Stock Earning Yield Differential (BSEYD) measures. This analysis suggests that the BSEYD, the logarithmic BSEYD model, and to a lesser extent the P/E ratio, are statistically significant robust predictors of equity market crashes.

Publication number: 
DP 18