SEC Commissioner Piwowar visits SRC

Commissioner Piwowar’s (US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)) visit to the SRC on 10th December, centred on the systemic risks hidden in forthcoming regulations and changes to the market structure. His visit follows his speech given the day before in London, entitled "The benefit of hindsight and the promise of foresight: a proposal for a comprehensive review of equity market structure”, in which Commissioner Piwowar argued for a review of current equity market structure along the lines of the UK Foresight exercise, which the SRC was involved with. "The UK Foresight model is one that we should entertain in the US. The SEC can benefit tremendously from collaboration with market structure experts from both the private sector and the academic world.  We can also cover a much wider range of topics - in other words be more comprehensive - and do so in more depth if we can leverage the resources of outside parties."