New collaborative research project funded by ESRC and NSFC

The ESRC and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) have today announced nine new collaborative research projects that seek to develop and deepen our understanding of the Chinese financial system and its crucial role in supporting the future development and continued growth of the Chinese economy.

One of the nine projects recommended for funding is led by Professor Ron Anderson, Co-investigator of SRC, and Professor Xuebin Chen, Fudan University on Building debt capital markets in China. The project will provide a comprehensive view of Chinese debt markets with a particular emphasis on fixed income securities, fixed income derivatives, and securitisations. The aim is to produce original theoretical and empirical, policy-oriented research on the growth of debt markets in China since 2008 and on its future development over the next five years. The research will help to provide answers to pressing questions being asked by Chinese policy makers, business practitioners and the public generally on the sovereign debt market, corporate bonds, and the sub-sovereign debt market. The project will begin in 2017 and end in 2019.

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