Jeff Chwieroth won AXA Award

Jeff Chwieroth, SRC Research Associate and Professor of International Political Economy, was granted an AXA Award from the AXA Research Fund to study systemic risk in non-democratic societies.

Roughly two-thirds of world countries are non-democracies, a few of which lead world decisions through their participation in the G20. However, when it comes to studying the impact of financial crises, current research mainly focuses on democratic countries, leaving a knowledge gap in a world where advanced and emerging countries are financially connected through globalization, investments or even migratory flows. Deeply concerned by financial fragilities in many non-democracies, Prof. Chwieroth will lead an innovative project, as he compares how different types of non democratic regimes react and respond when affected by financial crises. 

The AXA Award lasts three years from 2016 with a value of €250,000. The AXA Research Fund is the scientific philanthropy initiative of global indurance leader AXA dedicated to boosting scientific progress and discoveries that contribute to understand and better prepare against environmental, life and socio-economic risks. It also encourages supported researchers public engagement to help feed the public debate.