Monetary policy and financial (in)stability


March 11th 2016

Venue: Banque de France (espace conférence), Paris, France
Speakers: John Kandrac (Federal Reserve Board), Albert Queralto (Federal Reserve Board), Jean Barthélemy (Sciences Po and Banque de France), Roberto Robatto (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po and SRC), Vladimir Asriyan (CREI)
Organisers: Régis Breton (Banque de France), Laurent Clerc (Banque de France), Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po and SRC) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC, LSE)

While serving distinct objectives, monetary policy and financial stability policy potentially interact in several ways. For example, periods of low interest rates may encourage risk-taking by financial institutions and prepare future crisis, absent proper regulatory safeguards or macroprudential actions. Conversely, financial instability issues may hamper the normal transmission channels of monetary policy. The six research papers gathered in this conference seek to further our understanding of these and related interactions.

The one-day conference is hosted by the Banque de France and jointly organised by the Banque de France, Sciences Po and the Systemic Risk Centre of the London School of Economics. It benefits from the financial support of the European Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant number ES/K002309/1).

For the conference programme and registration details, please follow this link.