The future of money and the impact of fintech and cryptocurrencies - Conference


November 26th 2018
Time: All day  

Venue: Conference Suite, 9th floor, Pankhurst House, London School of Economics (Map)

OrganisersJon Danielsson (SRC, LSE Finance), Eva Micheler (SRC, LSE Law)

Speakers: Jason Allen (Humboldt University of Berlin Centre for British Studies, University of New South Wales Centre for Law Markets and Regulation), Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE Finance), Rosa Lastra (Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London), Igor Makarov (FMG, LSE Finance), Eva Micheler (SRC, LSE Law), John Moore (The University of Edinburgh, LSE), Co-Pierre Georg (University of Cape Town, Economic Research Southern Africa and Deutsche Bundesbank), Catherine Schenk (University of Oxford, Faculty of History, St Hilda's College), Edmund Schuster (LSE Law)

Following increased public interest in the topic, this event will bring together academics, policy-makers and practitioners working in the areas of banking, finance and law, to stimulate the academic discourse on the role of money in society, the lessons which may be drawn from history, and the impact of technology and cryptocurrencies.
Registration is now closed, as the conference is full.
The programme can be viewed here.
The suggested hashtag for this event for Twitter users is: #LSEFutureOfMoney
The conference is co-hosted with the Department of Law.