Orkun Saka

I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Sussex, a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a Research Associate at the Systemic Risk Centre. My main research interests are in financial intermediation, international finance and political economy. I tweet @orknsk.

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Discussion Papers
Oct 2018
DP 85
Çağatay Bircan and Orkun Saka
We use data on the universe of credit in Turkey to document a strong political lending cycle. State-owned banks systematically adjust their lending around local elections compared with private banks in the same province. There is considerable...
Discussion Papers
Sep 2018
DP 84
European banks have been criticized for holding excessive domestic government debt during economic downturns, which may have intensified the diabolic loop between sovereign and bank credit risks. By using a novel bank-level dataset covering the...